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Miracle Beneath The Mistletoe

Sometimes the gifts we treasure most are the ones we least expect...

Owner of a charming little shop near the center of Chicago, Candy Frost has no children of her own to hold close. A cheerful young woman with a shining personality, she is dearly loved by the endless stream of girls and boys who mill about her shop on a regular basis. It isn't much but it does keep her going, especially around the holidays. Busy with life in general Candy sees no reason to seek out a relationship. With her old red cat to keep her company she figures she could not ask for more. Never mind the occasional twinge of loneliness that creeps up on her when she least expects it. Life moves forward at a smooth pace, until one evening just before Christmas Eve. Seated at home with only her cat for companionship, Candy absently confesses to the animal that she does occasionally long for more. Unbeknownst to the young woman, she is not quite as alone as she believes. Assigned the task of watching over the charming beauty, novice angel Noel Street has been attentive in his duties until now. This year He trips up inadvertently admitting he's momentarily lapsed in his duty. To punish him for his blunder, Noel is confined to earth for three months. This is how Candy and the engaging man first cross paths. For Candy the encounter is love at first sight. Noel is the handsomest man she's seen in years and he draws the children to him with a magical flair. Noel has always found the girl beautiful. She has remained just beyond his reach. But one shocking invitation may change that forever…



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